Top 10 Baby Registry Items

Congratulations! It’s baby prep time and I am going to try to make an overwhelming process easier for you! First, I recommend opening a registry at Nordstrom because they have the best return policy.  I broke a diaper bag from them and two years later they replaced it, no questions asked!  Also, register at Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.  Conversely, Babies R Us in my experience is very difficult to return items because they don’t allow returns on car seats, monitors and many items that require batteries or electricity!

Besides the obligatory infant car seat (reviews of those will be coming soon), in no particular order, here are the top ten items I always add when I build baby registries for family and friends! I have also added some of my specific favorite items but be sure you do your research as new stuff comes out every spring!!

1- Rock ‘N’ Play because baby needs somewhere to sleep until they actually make it to a crib. Be sure to get the self rocking one! You simply plug it in and it rocks on its own. Both my boys lived and dreamt through the nights in this! Even my friends who argue that their babies will only sleep in a bassinet or crib eventually end up with this essential product.  My second son sleeps in a bassinet at night but he takes his longest day time naps in his rock n play.

2- A good swing – the best by far is the Fisher Price Swing! They are bulky but every kid loves them.  Don’t get “swayed” by all the other ones like the Mamaroo- they may be new and seem cool, but they are a waste of money! I swear by the Fisher Price one – the animal print doesn’t matter.  This swing has been around for a long time and there is a reason: every baby loves it!

3- One Pack N Play/Playpen – I have the 4 Moms Breeze and love it because it’s easy to fold and doesn’t scratch wood floors. The Nuna is now out and even better, I think! The Nuna is just as easy to fold and better for infants. It’s good to have a safe place around the house and to travel! You can register for the Nuna at Nordstrom, too!

4- One (or two) play mats – I love the Nook Playmat because it doesn’t have all the unnecessary attachments, noise and toys.  It is a soft foamy, springy playmat that you can use with all sorts of toys and play gyms.   I’m also a fan of Mamas and Papas Stargazer Playmat – swear by it!! This play mat has lights and music and you can even plug your iphone into it for a light show that matches with the music.  I love that the music is interactive with touching the dangling toys.

5- Snap n go or a different sturdy, travel stroller that you can snap your car seat into very quickly for in and out of the car.  They are much less bulky than a large complete stroller system.  Some examples are the mountain buggy nano, snap n go, Chico Keyfit Caddy, Maxi Taxi, Baby Zen YoYo 0+

6- High chair – I’m a big fan of the Stokke Tripp Trap – it grows with the kiddos and is so easy to clean! We have a Peg Perego that I got before I knew about the Stokke.  We use the Peg when the babies are just starting to sit up and eat and it is useful then, but once they are stable the Tripp Trapp is easier to clean and will last for much longer!   So far, every parent friend of mine has gotten the Stokke and nobody regrets it! We have two now because Judd has his own!

7- Get a few different swaddlers to try. I would only get one (or one pack) of them – my favorite are Summer Infant and the Aden + Anais, which has great customer service. We are currently also trying a new one called The Nested Bean that is supposed to help mimic a parent’s touch.  Anyone who says baby doesn’t like to be swaddled is missing the boat!  Babies who appear to struggle in a swaddle are actually showing startle responses and need to be swaddled even more.  

8- Phil and Ted’s Lobster Chair – every parent needs a travel high chair. Just trust me … you need this!  And this one is by far the best one on the market. Keep it in your trunk at all times. Durable, strong and just plain awesome. When you are at restaurants with a small baby it keeps them self contained without the fear of them flailing around or falling out due to the wrap around seat.  It is also helpful when you travel as it fits well into a suitcase (We also stick ours in the car seat bag with diapers to keep it safe!) We even have used it in our hotel room for room service for our son which is super helpful since room service rarely has a high chair to loan you!

9- For a pump, get the Spectra 1 – HANDS DOWN, look no further. I bought it for Judd. It is only $169, when others could be well above $200 or $300! Just put it on your registry! Or, bigger hint: Did you know most insurance companies will pay for your pump?! DO THE RESEARCH. Call your insurance company before the baby is born and ask them about their free pumps. No other pump compares to the Spectra. You can plug it in, charge it and move it around – it pumps better than any hospital grade pump I used so you will pump more milk in less time!  The main difference is that it was created by women and it has a more natural vibration and suction that better mimics a baby.

10- Some kind of infant carrier for baby wearing – These all depend on you, your body type, your child’s preference, etc.  Most people who end up wearing baby will eventually have a few as you will use them for different purposes and venues.  So far, I am a big fan of the Baby Bjorn One, Ergo 360 and Ring Sling.  All can be used for your newborn and older!  I have heard great things about LilleBaby carriers but have yet to try one myself.  Look for a blog coming soon comparing some carriers!

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    Love it! I was looking for this list back in 2014. I’m gonna share with my friends. Amazing 😉


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