Dry Box can save a wet phone!

It’s a parents’ dream: I finally had both boys down for the night and decided to take a nice and relaxing bath in my recently redone bathtub! The bliss was sadly interrupted when I dropped my phone in the bath water!

My entire second pregnancy, our home was under construction and then ONE WEEK before I had Judd, we finally got back into our bathroom just in time for me to enjoy my brand new gorgeous soaker tub!

It was still polished and completely unused because baby Judd arrived and I wasn’t allowed back into my tub for another six weeks!  Needless to say, after all this time, I was pretty psyched to FINALLY relax in it. I settled into the warm suds and as I’m scrolling through my phone, it slips out of my fingers and splashes into the tub.

Mom hands move fast, even relaxed ones, so the phone was in the water for maybe a second when I snatched it out.  But we all know better than to think that a seemingly fine, slightly damp phone will remain that way as the water gradually starts to destroy the circuits inside! Ugh.

A few weeks prior, Jamie and I had seen an awesome product called the Dry Box on Shark Tank.  They call it “CPR for your phone” and if you get to one within 24 hours of the liquid exposure, it has a “70% recovery rate”! Well, there are only a few of these boxes in the entire country, and two days earlier, we happened to notice one at our nearby grocery store!

So I dried off, left the kids with a last-minute sitter and we ran immediately at 10 at night to try to fix my phone. By now, the phone was starting to do strange things so I was very concerned.

When we arrived at the machine, we clicked a few buttons on the touch screen and put my phone into the little drawer.  With a swipe of my credit card, the machine locked and told me to return in 30 minutes.  We used the time to shopped kid-free!  The phone said it was over-heated (due to the drying procedure) but once the phone cooled down, voilà! It worked! I am happy to share that 30 minutes after locking my phone in the Dry Box, I had a perfectly functioning phone! Incredible! So the next time you accidentally submerge your cell phone in water, find a Dry Box near you!

Currently, they are only located in Texas and Oklahoma, but if one isn’t close, contact the company here and let them know you want one after reading about my experience!

Check out this video to see how it works!

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