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Let me start by saying we are a traveling family.  My husband and I love to travel.  Whether it is to see family or to explore, we love to be on the go.  We are lucky because our oldest son adjusts easily to new settings and time zones so we continued traveling once he arrived.  Baby number two joined our family a few months ago, and our holiday travels this year will be our first airplane rides with both boys! Two kids under two means a lot of stuff to schlep! Aside from the car seats, strollers and regular luggage, the thought of dragging a big, heavy pump sounds like a nightmare.

With my first little guy, I used a rented Medela hospital pump when we traveled.  It’s one of the available pumps that comes with an attached bag.  However, the motor is weak and I never felt like I was able to get enough milk from that one and I always ended up slightly engorged. I eventually bought the Medela Symphony Travel Pump.  It’s small, lightweight and did the job.  I was left sore, but with that being my only option for a small, lightweight pump, it felt par for the course.

This time around with baby number two, a fellow mom friend suggested I try the new-to-the-US market pump, Spectra.  The Spectra is the first pump created and designed by women! The whole pump and its parts sell for $169. For a hospital-grade pump that I would own this was unbelievable! To put it into perspective, the Medela hospital pump is well over a thousand dollars if I purchased it. Renting varies, but is an average of $50 a month!

I decided to order the Spectra 1 as it had a rechargeable battery so I wasn’t always tethered to the wall.  Well let me tell you: it was amazing! It didn’t hurt during pumping.  My let down increased and I could pump nearly double the amount I did in the same time frame with the Medela.  It uses a vibrating motion to start the milk flow that more closely mimics natural breast feeding, opposed to the “pulling” sensation from other pumps.

I was thrilled to have this great pump, but getting ready for our first trip with both boys, the fabulous Spectra 1 still seemed like a burden to carry.  So I went on a hunt for the Spectra 9+ which fits into the palm of your hand! For some reason, it is difficult to get in the United States.

After some research, I found a mom on eBay who was trying to sell her Spectra 9+. After speaking with her directly and getting over the idea of reusing someone else’s pump and parts, I purchased it. The unique Spectra design doesn’t allow milk into the tubing! This makes the only used parts the flanges and bottles which can easily be sanitized.

When it arrived it in the mail, I was so excited to try it.  I plugged it in and did a ten-minute pump.  It felt just like the suction of the Spectra 1 and it pumped almost the same amount I get in a regular sitting.  The main difference between the 9+ and the S1 was the size and the 9+ was significantly louder. And mama can take a little noise! If you can get your hands on a Spectra pump, grab it fast!!

Mom Tip:  you can buy extra parts directly from the Spectra website and there are usually some great sales! Check it out today!

Mom Pro Tip: Insurance pays for your pump! Contact your provider and get their policy and guidelines!

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