Rachel’s Remedy Relief Packs

This winter, my little one spent weeks battling various illnesses followed by rounds of antibiotics, decreasing his appetite and energy, and as a result, my milk production as well.

Thankfully, Rachel’s Remedy Relief Packs arrived just in time! They can be used both heated and cooled, so I first tried them with heat. I noticed an increase in my production immediately after use. The warm insert was also soothing. I wanted to try them cold as well, so after placing them in the freezer, I used them that same evening. Now that was just delightful! I actually wish I had these remedy packs when my son was first born! They are definitely helpful now with a  five-month-old breasfeeder, but when I was struggling with sore, tender and bruised nipples right after his birth, they would have been heavenly!

Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs are 100% organic cotton and flax seed pillows with a washable and removable cotton insert. They claim to provide the only “FDA-cleared moist heat and cooling system relief pack” for sore breasts and nipples as well as assist with let down, mastitis, clogged ducts and milk production.

Be sure to read the provided instructions and information pamphlet, because simply looking at the packs, I did find it a bit complicated to figure out which parts to wet to provide the “patented moisture lock system”.

I will definitely use these again both hot AND cold!


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