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I recently signed up as a parent product reviewer for a soon to launch website called Guidance Guide through The Baby Guy NYC . I test and review products from various companies and never know what it will be until they show up at my door!  I have to be honest, though, when my Babyganics products arrived I was a bit hesitant to use them all.  We love their alcohol-free hand sanitizer and the dish soap, but I am a loyal user of a different brand of lotion, body soap and shampoo for my two kiddos. However, I stand by my decision to try products and review them, because I think it is important for real parents to give real reviews! So I placed each product in place of the respective products I already use.

I already knew I loved the hand sanitizer! After a bout of RSV, Bronchitis and Pneumonia we have been trying our best to prevent the boys sharing germs. Our two-year-old loves helping feed his baby brother. That’s where the alcohol-free hand sanitizer is awesome: although I may not have time to run to the bathroom and wash his hands before he helps feed little brother, I keep the hand sanitizer nearby! He loves that it has “bubbles” and happily obliged to “wash” his hands.  I’m not worried about any leftover alcohol on his hands as he helps feed little brother! I’m definitely a big fan of this product and the mandarin scent is delightful too! Click here to purchase from Amazon


The next product we tried was the shampoo and body wash.  Both my kiddos have sensitive skin and mommy has a sensitive nose too! I read through the ingredients and checked the babyganics website and was excited to read that they “always start with plant-based ingredients, organic when practical, as well as carefully chosen synthetics or preservatives needed to create the kind of formulas that work effectively and that parents can feel good about using around their babies”. The lather was wonderful and really bubbled up on their heads and bodies.  The chamomile verbena scent was wonderful and the kids skin felt soft immediately after washing off the soap.  Also, there were no tears or fussing when the soap rinsed into their eyes which is definitely very important! Needless to say, I found three fans of the babyganics shampoo and body wash!

After the bath, we tried the matching chamomile and verbena body lotion.  It went on smooth, was quickly absorbed and left baby with the softest skin! And for my big kiddo with sensitive skin, he had no redness or irritation and seemed very happy and content! And again, the scent was delightful! Click here to purchase from Amazon

Overall, I think babyganics has made a believer out of me.  I’m pretty sure I may have found some wonderful new products to use for my little guys!

**I receive free products from Guidance Guide for review purposes but my opinions are all my own!**

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