Neat Cheeks flavored wipes

Judd hates when I wipe his face and since he is a super messy eater, my blue-eyed boy had dried old food up his nose and somehow in his ear after meals!

After strolling through the baby aisle, I noticed a product from Neat Cheeks that peaked my interest: a flavored wipe! I figured I would test them out. So far, I am pretty into them! He doesn’t fight me to wipe his face, and after a few cleanings, he now sticks out his tongue 👅 to taste them!

I assumed they would smell but they have a very faint scent and they don’t leave my fingers sticky like some other wipes. Neat Cheeks wipes are all natural and sweetened with Stevia.

Still on the fence how I feel about the individual packaging or the idea of a sweetener in baby face wipes, but for practical purposes and ease of use, these things are pretty darn helpful and great!

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